Elizabeth Milanov

Spring Place Opto Living in Luton town can only be described in a few words and they say it all:

5 star Paradise, this is the best student accommodation that offers the best of:
1. Luxuriously furnished rooms.
2. Great conditions for learning, leisure and entertainment.
3. The largest GYM – live healthy and happy.
4. All bills-paid by one click.
5. Managing was taken over by professional Management Team.

Niki Spyropoulou

The best student accommodation in Luton! Moved in as a student, after having stayed in another student accommodation and visiting many others where friends were staying. Friendly staff, amazing rooms and facilities. Clean and well maintained, with attention to detail, enhancing the student experience.

The staff is flexible and approachable and try to accommodate any request as much as possible. I have had the opportunity to meet new amazing people, make friends and have a great time playing pool, table tennis, or just relaxing with friends and watching a movie in the cinema room. Park House became my home, and I still love staying here following the end of my studies.


First of all, the main reasons I choose to live in Park House are the spacious rooms and the gym and the cinema.

You have access to everything for free.

It’s quiet if you want to study and you have lots of space outside to take a break.

Lots of nice people and the staff’s helping you with everything.

I love it!!

Eirini Stamelou

First of all, the location of the building is really convenient for me as a student, as it is only 7 minutes walk from the University and 5 minutes from the town centre without using any transportation.

The room is spacious, comfortable and all the equipment is brand new without any damages, which is something that it is hard to find when you enter into an apartment for first time.
The neighbours are friendly and quiet without causing any problems, which makes my accommodation even more easy in daily basis.
Furthermore, the fact that the building has his own brand new gym with various equipment impressed me, as I use it almost everyday, saving money that alternatively I would spend in an another gym.

I also enjoy watching movies with my friends at the weekends in the cinema room which is really comfortable.

Finally, the most important thing is that the staff of the building is always cooperative and helpful with any problem or queries that a tenant may have.

I am really happy that I stay in such a place and I’m thankful for that.